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Northern Virginia Home Refinancing 

When you want to refinance a home, District Title has the expertise to assist throughout the entire process.


District Title will research the title to the property since the lender wants assurance that the loan applicant is the legal owner of the property. The lender also wants to know whether there are any problems with the title. Even if the title was researched for the initial mortgage, the lender wants to know if any changes have occurred in the title since that time. 

In addition, our closing agents will contact lenders to determine the amount  required to pay off existing mortgages. The closer might also communicate with the property owner, attorneys, or creditors who are working to resolve title issues before the refinancing occurs. 

Finally, our closing agents will prepare a settlement statement that lists all of the bills that will be paid from the loan proceeds and the amount that will be disbursed to the borrower. At the closing, the borrower signs the settlement statement and refinancing documents, including a new promissory note and mortgage. Our closer then delivers the mortgage to the county recorder’s office.



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